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We are nerds about drones. We work with them, travel with them, make a photos and videos with them and we write about them. Plenty of the articles about drones for beginers, but also experienced users. Reviews, advices, comparisons, best practices,…

Is it worth upgrading to Mavic 2?

Mavic 2 was finally released and as we own Mavic Pro, we are thinking as you do – Is it worth upgrading to Mavic 2? We examined all the pros and cons of Mavic 2 in comparison with Mavic Pro… Continue Reading →

Traveling with drone on plane

There is so much misleading information on internet about traveling with drone on plane. That’s why we decided to sum up the airlines rules and our experience consisting of many flights when traveling with drone on plane.   We traveled… Continue Reading →

Singapore drone guidelines

Singapore has very reasonable laws when it comes to flying UAVs (drones). Despite the most of the island is off the limits for drones due to the airports and downtown skyscrapers, you can still legally fly even in Marina Bay… Continue Reading →

The best travel drone

Are you new to drones and want to know what is the best travel drone to capture some amazing footage from your holiday or travels? Or do you just want to read personal experience and well written comparison of DJI… Continue Reading →

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