Ghajn Tuffieha and Golden bay – best beaches on Malta- Ghajn Tuffieha and Golden bay are two of the best beaches on Malta. The beaches sit next to each other on the north-west coast of Malta island and offer great opportunity for a day trip. Beside the beautiful beaches, you... Continue Reading →
carthage, what to do in carthage, how to visit carthage, carthage travel, carthage map, carthage travel blog, travel carthage, antonius baths, ruins of carthage What to do in Carthage, Tunisia- Carthage is a historic city located just 20km from Tunis. The ruins of previous civilizations are scattered around, but without preparations you will spend lot of time, money and efforts to get from one to another. We have summarized the most attractive and important... Continue Reading →
zingaro nature reserve beaches, best beach of zingaro, zingaro beach, travel zingaro, backpacking zingaro, zingaro travel blog, zingaro reserve, riserva dello zingaro Zingaro nature reserve beaches- Zingaro nature reserve is a protected area on the north-west coast of Sicily, Italy. It is absolutely stunning place for beach hopping, amazing coastal views and learning about endemic plants of this area.   You can enter the park either... Continue Reading →
best places to visit in sicily, best of sicily, sicily best beaches, best beaches of sicily, sicily travel, backpacking in sicily, sicily blog, where to stay in sicily, sexy girl sicily, swimming in sicily, zingaro, where to travel in autumn, best europe destinations, sexy girl in swimming suite on the beach Best places to visit in Sicily- Italy is the country with the most UNESCO heritage sites in the world and big portion of that you can find on the island of Sicily. Throughout the history many different civilizations  conquered Sicily because of its strategic position in... Continue Reading →
what to do in palermo, palermo cathedral, palermo travel blog What to do in Palermo- Palermo diverse history makes it very interesting place to visit for every kind of traveler. You will awe over beautiful architecture, reveal long history of Sicily, try delicious local cuisine, satisfy your shopping needs and enjoy distinctive nightlife of Palermo.... Continue Reading →
lava flow, stromboli lava, stromboli lava flow, stromboli night hike, stromboli volcano, aeolian islands travel guide, sicily travel, active volcano europe, where to see lava flow in europe Aeolian islands travel guide- Aeolian islands is the world on it’s own. Smell of sulphur, black volcanic sand beaches, lava running down the hill, dramatic coastal landscape. And they are just short ferry ride from Sicily.   We describe the best attractions, prices, how to... Continue Reading →
sicily 4 day itinerary, couple travel sicily, what to see in sicily, itinerary for sicily, friends traveling in sicily, modica flowers, modica travel Sicily itinerary for 4 days- Sicily is amazing island packed with beautiful historic places, stunning nature and great beaches. If you add to it delicious food and hospitable people, you have the place which you could explore for months. Unfortunately most of us don’t have... Continue Reading →
mavic 2 pro, is it worth upgrading to mavic 2, mavic pro vs mavic 2 pro, mavic 2 vs mavic air, should i upgradte to mavic 2, should i buy new mavic, mavic series comparison Is it worth upgrading to Mavic 2?- Mavic 2 was finally released and as we own Mavic Pro, we are thinking as you do – Is it worth upgrading to Mavic 2? We examined all the pros and cons of Mavic 2 in comparison with Mavic Pro... Continue Reading →
Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle, Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle sunset, Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle backpacking, Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle best photo, Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle tent, Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle wild camping, Kamianets-Podilskyi, ukraine wild camping, ukraine travel, ukraine backpacker, seven wonders of ukraine, shorts-trip, sunrise at Kamianets podilski, kamenets podolski, where to camp at Kamianets podolskij, free camping at kamianets-podilskyi, best sunset picture, sunset over Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle- Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle is one of the Seven wonders of Ukraine and it is rightfully on the list. Immediatelly after you see the castle for the first time, you feel like you traveled few centuries back in time.   The castle... Continue Reading →
hallstatt, hallstatt skywalk hike, hallstatt skywalk, hallstatt skywalk by foot, hiking at hallstatt, free parking at hallstatt, where to park at hallstatt, hallstatt hike, how to get to hallstatt, train bus hallstatt, by train to hallstatt Hallstatt Skywalk hike- Hallstatt Skywalk hike is a popular trail which takes about 1 hour up and 45 minutes back down. The hike is of moderate difficulty on gravel road, but prepare for steep sweaty walk up the mountain. The trail is well... Continue Reading →
borzava, polonina borzava, ukraine borzava, hiking at borzava, borzava hike, backpacking ukraine, backpacking in karpaty, carpathian mountains, ukrainian carpathians, carpathians, karpaty ukraine, borzava trail, wildcamping ukraine, wildcamping carpathian mountains, clouds, mountain clouds, best picture from carpathian mountains Hiking polonina Borzava over Stij- Polonina Borzava is one of the most beautiful mountain ridges in Ukraine and it was also our first hike in Karpaty (Mizhirja – Volovets). Now few years later we wanted to hike polonina Borzava again, but we didn’t want to... Continue Reading →
travel with drone on plane, travel with drone by plane, traveling with drone, traveling with drone by airplane, drone plane, battery drone plane, travel drone wizzair, drone on board plane, how to store batteries on plane, airline rules drone, plane rules drone Traveling with drone on plane- There is so much misleading information on internet about traveling with drone on plane. That’s why we decided to sum up the airlines rules and our experience consisting of many flights when traveling with drone on plane.   We traveled... Continue Reading →
khotyn castle, seven wonders of ukraine, backpacking khotyn, how to get to khotyn, travel around ukraine, ukraine travel, drone khotyn, aerial view of khotyn, outer wall of khotyn, khotyn perimeter, khotyn travel, where to stay in khotyn, khotyn camping, khotyn wild camping Khotyn fortress- Khotyn fortress is a big fortified complex nearby the border between Ukraine and Moldova. On the territory of the complex is beside the castle also the church and ruins of the minaret which was standing there during the Turks rule.... Continue Reading →
dzharylhach, maldives, ukrainian maldives, maldives of ukraine, maldives in europe, dzha, best of ukraine, best beach in ukraine, ukraine beach, ukraine backpacking, ukraine holiday, ukraine wildlife, ukraine island Dzharylhach – Maldives of Ukraine- Would you like to visit Maldives, but don’t have enough money? Don’t worry, we have a great alternative for you. It’s Dzharylhach – Maldives of Ukraine.   National Park Dzharylhach is situated on the largest island of the Black sea... Continue Reading →
aerial view on Singapore Flyer, drone singapore, drones singapore, singapore aerial, singapore flyer drone, singapore flyer, singapore downtown sunset, singapore downtown drone, aerial view of marina bay sands, marina bay sands sunset singapore, where to fly drone at singapore, singapore drone guidelines, best drone places singapore, singapore laws, singapore regulations Singapore drone guidelines- Singapore has very reasonable laws when it comes to flying UAVs (drones). Despite the most of the island is off the limits for drones due to the airports and downtown skyscrapers, you can still legally fly even in Marina Bay... Continue Reading →
best travel drone, mavic travel, mavic air, mavic air vs mavic pro, traveling with drone, what drone for travel, mavic air travel The best travel drone- Are you new to drones and want to know what is the best travel drone to capture some amazing footage from your holiday or travels? Or do you just want to read personal experience and well written comparison of DJI... Continue Reading →
svidovec ridge, polonina svidovec Polonina Svidovec- Ridge of Svidovec or locally called Polonina Svidovec is one of the most beautiful and longest ridges in Ukrainian Carpathians. It stretches for 60 km between the cities of Rachiv and Ust-Corna with the highest peak Blyznycja, 1881m. Aside of... Continue Reading →
vipassana, meditation vipassana, what to expect vipassana, meditation vipassana myanmar 10-day Vipassana meditation retreat in Myanmar and what to expect- Vipassana is a meditation technique that teaches art of living. Its aim is to remedy every misery of our life, so we can lead the life full of happiness. The method is to observe and understand our own self. To connect our... Continue Reading →
philippines, must read philippines. need to know philippines, philippines blog, necessary info philippines 7 tips you must know before heading to Philippines- After almost 2 months of traveling around Philippines we decided to write down these 7 tips which you must know before heading to Philippines to orient and save some money (and nerves) during their first trip in here. I wish... Continue Reading →
chiang mai, alternative chiang mai, chiang mai what to do, chiang mai local experience, chiang mai blog Alternative Chiang Mai- The capital of north Thailand, Chiang Mai is a popular tourist destination with many beautiful temples, tasty cuisine and a slightly overrated weekend walking market. It’s also a great base to explore the beautiful mountains around once you had enough... Continue Reading →
philippines, boracay introvert, boracay not for party, boracay on buget Boracay – tourist trap?- Boracay is one of the most visited islands of Philippines, famous for it’s soft white sand beach and party life. Thousands of tourists are rushing there every day and changing the face of the island forever. Tropical paradise or is... Continue Reading →
mararison, malalison, mararison island, mararison drone, aerial mararison, mararison how to get there Mararison island – beaches and Shire- Mararison island(also known as Malalison) is a small island located just 15 minutes away from the mainland of Panay island, province of Antique. Despite its small size it can offer both beaches and cute Shire like hills. If you avoid... Continue Reading →
travel by pelni, pelni travel, pelni ship, pelni vessel, how to travel by pelni, pelni indonesia, pelni, pelni schedule Traveling by Pelni- Cultural experience at it’s best and cheap way how to reach remote places of Indonesia (if you have enough time and patience). That’s governmental ship company Pelni. For sure it is not experience for everyone. The prove is that during our... Continue Reading →
banda islands, banda islands fort, fort belgica, fort belgica drone, aerial banda islands, best snorkeling, banda snorkel, banda info, banda how to get there Banda islands – guide to Hatta, Ai and Api- Once the center of colonial world – today forgotten islands of East Indonesia. Banda islands were original place of nutmeg, which grew nowhere else and thus was of huge value in 16th century. Nutmeg was used as food preservative and... Continue Reading →
kei islands, pasir panjang, pasir panjang bule girl, pasir panjang kei, tropical paradise beach Kei islands, Indonesia- The furthest corner of Indonesia and last stop before Papua. Long beaches with white sand as soft as flour lined by coconut palm trees. Tourists can be counted on fingers of one hand. This is also Indonesia. These are Kei... Continue Reading →
bau-bau, bau-bau indoneisa, bau-bau sulawesi, sulawesi indonesia, buton island sulawesi, buton indonesia, out of beaten path indonesia Bau-Bau – undiscovered Sulawesi- So we have spent 3 months in Indonesia already. After crowded Java where we tested our physical condition by climbing several volcanoes, we continues to touristic Bali and Lombok. It was more relaxing time there, but we had to be... Continue Reading →
social visa to indonesia, social visa indonesia, how to make social visa indonesia, sponsor indonesia social visa, social visa indonesia change sponsor, how to apply for social visa indonesia, travel long term indonesia, what visa for travel indonesia, long term travel indonesia Social visa to Indonesia- Indonesia is a huge and diverse country and if you want to explore it properly you need more than just 2 months of touristic visa. Czech Republic and Ukraine are in the list of countries which can get 30-days visa... Continue Reading →
ijen fumes, ijen on your own, ijen at night, ijen without guide, ijen drone, ijen aerial, ijen hike, how to climb ijen, ijen info, ijen information, ijen entrance fee Ijen volcano hike at night – blue fire- One of two places in the whole world where you can see the blue fire – ignited sulphuric gas. Ijen volcano is located in East Java – very close to Bali, which is also the reason why it became the... Continue Reading →
bromo, bromo guide, bromo drone, bromo how to Complete guide to Bromo- Bromo is without doubts one of the 2 most visited volcanos in Java – together with Ijen. While it is amazing to see it with breathtaking views around, the tourism has changed the places significantly and following guide to Bromo... Continue Reading →
gili meno, gili meno info, gili meno snorkel, gili meno beach The real Gili Meno- Gili Meno is the smallest of all 3 Gili islands, the most tranquil and peaceful, with beautiful white beaches and amazing snorkelling just few meters away from the beach. It gives a family feeling of one big village with cows... Continue Reading →
sunrise lawu, hiking lawu, climbing lawu, night hike lawu, lawu without guide at night Climbing Lawu on your own- Gunung Lawu is a dormant volcano standing exactly on the border of central and east Java up to the heigth of 3265m. Despite the high altitude it’s one of the easiest volcanoes to climb in Java and is consider as... Continue Reading →
iceland budget, iceland dumpsterdiving, iceland dumpster diving, iceland cheap, iceland prices Iceland on budget and amazing- Iceland was always a dream for us with its magnificent landscapes and volcanoes, but we were postponing it for long time because we were afraid it will cost us fortune. One day we saw plane ticket offer for 130 euro... Continue Reading →
climbing merbabu, climbing merbabu on your own, climbing merbabu without guide, merbabu or merapi, merbabu hike, marbabu how to hike, merbabu how to climb Climbing Merbabu at night without guide- Climbing Merbabu or Merapi?   Merbabu (3145m) is less known sibling of infamous Merapi (2968m) – highly active, one of the decade volcanoes. Nevertheless climbing Merbabu is probably more pleasant experience due to green scenery around, less crowds and amazing... Continue Reading →
end of the world, iceland western fjords, iceland lighthouse, Camping around Iceland- Our 13 days long adventure along ring road and western fjords with information about hotpots and wild camping around Iceland. DAY 1 – arrival Iceland immediately amazed us with its midnight sun the very moment we landed in Keflavik airport.... Continue Reading →
asli kids, cute kids, aborigine kids, aborigine kids malaysia, asli malaysia kids, asli people Asli people- Life and difficulties of Orang Asli   Orang Asli which literally means “original people” are aborigine people of Malaysia. They live in several parts of Malaysia and estimated population is counted in thousands. We met the ones who live in... Continue Reading →
khao son, carst, khao sok np, khao sok natinal park, khao sok drone, sunset over khao sok Khao Sok NP on your own- Khao Sok national park is one of the most beautiful national parks in Thailand. It is located about 100km west from Surat Thani and makes it great “next to” destination after beaching at Koh Samui island. The park is full... Continue Reading →