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Traveling by Pelni

Cultural experience at it’s best and cheap way how to reach remote places of Indonesia (if you have enough time and patience). That’s governmental ship company Pelni. For sure it is not experience for everyone. The prove is that during our… Continue Reading →

Banda islands – guide to Hatta, Ai and Api

Once the center of colonial world – today forgotten islands of East Indonesia. Banda islands were original place of nutmeg, which grew nowhere else and thus was of huge value in 16th century. Nutmeg was used as food preservative and… Continue Reading →

Kei islands, Indonesia

The furthest corner of Indonesia and last stop before Papua. Long beaches with white sand as soft as flour lined by coconut palm trees. Tourists can be counted on fingers of one hand. This is also Indonesia. These are Kei… Continue Reading →

Bau-Bau – undiscovered Sulawesi

So we have spent 3 months in Indonesia already. After crowded Java where we tested our physical condition by climbing several volcanoes, we continues to touristic Bali and Lombok. It was more relaxing time there, but we had to be… Continue Reading →

Social visa to Indonesia

Indonesia is a huge and diverse country and if you want to explore it properly you need more than just 2 months of touristic visa. Czech Republic and Ukraine are in the list of countries which can get 30-days visa… Continue Reading →

Ijen volcano hike at night – blue fire

One of two places in the whole world where you can see the blue fire – ignited sulphuric gas. Ijen volcano is located in East Java – very close to Bali, which is also the reason why it became the… Continue Reading →

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